Day 1 – gym, protein, veggies

In October 2013 – there will be an obstacle course 5k called “Run for your lives” = check it out at!/infected-zones.
I wanted to do this year’s – but at 250 lbs – and huffing and puffing to go up 2 flights of stairs – I’m not ready – my goal for the next year – is to get Zombie ready.

Today is day 1 – I hit the gym – did 30 mins on the cross-trainer and 15 minutes of dumbbells. Came home for a lunch of baked chicken, grilled veggies & salad.

Today’s challenge will be my birthday dinner tonight at Chili’s with my sister in law.
This is my 3rd birthday dinner this week. I really don’t need to have more cake and ice cream.

My goal for the day – eat mostly veggies & protein – cut back on refined carbs.

My goal for the month of October – reset my taste buds – cut back on late night tv and chips.

My goal for the year – lose 80 lbs, learn how to run thru tires, and scale a rope wall (while being chased by zombies).


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